About Us

A Founding Family of the Barossa

The Basedow family name is steeped in tradition within the Barossa Valley, home to the oldest wine growing appellation in Australia. With a family lineage spanning 120 years and tracing back to one of the founding wine families of the Barossa, the 5th generation Basedow's, brothers - Peter, Michael and Richard, proudly continue their family craft of winemaking in the Barossa. 

Family Heritage 

Peter, Michael and Richard Basedow were born and bred in the Barossa Valley, the 5th generation of German migrants who arrived in South Australia on a ship called the "Pauline" in 1848. They are the direct descendants of Christian Friedrich Basedow, who followed his son, Martin to the Barossa Valley in 1856

Basedow's Shape the Barossa 

The Basedow's have helped shape the Barossa since their arrival in 1848. Martin Basedow was a teacher who established a German newspaper in Tanunda "Australische Zeitung" before becoming a prominent educator and politician who introduced legislation into the South Australian Parliament to establish the Roseworthy Agricultural College which has been an enormous benefit to the Australian Wine Industry. 

Johannes Basedow, Martin's brother, was an accomplished carpenter who constructed the historic Chateau Tanunda and Bethany Church before building the family winery in 1896 at Tanunda and planting the first vineyard in 1896. 

The Journey

Since their arrival in the Barossa from Germany in 1848, Basedow's has seen history from Federation in 1901, the Depression years of the early 30s, the centenary of South Australia 1936, the post war baby boom, the buoyant years of the 50s, the credit squeeze of the early 60s, the "good times" of the 70s, the tightness of the belt in the 80s, the export boom of the 90s and the oversupply at the beginning of this century. Basedow's has seen it all. 


Relationships are what matter. Between the grower and the land, between the soil and the rain, between the ripening fruit and the nurturing sun. The heritage and experience of the Basedow generations is a product of precious relationships and powerful dreams made real through a commitment to the natural produce of the rich Barossa earth.

The Wine

Basedow's wines continue to reflect the vision and the commitment of the 5th generation Basedow's to their Barossa wine heritage. The handcrafted wines that Basedow's produce which are reflective of their passion and commitment to the Australian wine industry as well as the region from which the fruit is grown.

Family Re-Aquires Brand

After a long and eventful period, in 2014 the Basedow brother's - Peter, Michael and Richard - acquired the Basedow's brand and become the rightful custodians of their name. The journey has been long but rewarding. 


Welcome to a new chapter in the Basedow family legacy of making premium Barossa wines.